Cooking lessons in Tuscany

Food is definitely part of the “Tuscan experience” for most visitors to Tuscany. And what better way to take a part of that experience away with you than to enjoy some cooking lessons in Tuscany? Attending a cooking class or taking private cooking lessons means not only learning new aspects of Tuscan cookery but enjoying the products of your labours afterwards!

Cooking lessons in Tuscany

A cooking lesson in Tuscany

In this post, I’m featuring Elisa Berghi who was born in the Chianti Classico area within the beautiful Italian Region of Tuscany. I guess almost every Tuscan woman always has a deep passion for cooking in her heart. Elisa recounts that ever since she was a young girl, she has been exploring the secrets of combining traditional food with innovative flavours.

When she was twenty years old, she decided to put her knowledge at the disposal of others for their pleasure and started work in local restaurants.

After gaining some experience, she took the second important decision of her career and started to cook as a private chef . She has cooked for events at many of the well-known castles in the Tuscan region. During this time she realised how important it was for her to have a cultural and human exchange and how interesting it was finding this “ingredient” in the kitchen as well. While cooking as a private chef, she met the famous “maestra di cucina”, Donatella Picchi, who passed on to Elisa her passion for traditional and creative cooking.

Elisa loves to introduce new flavours into traditional Tuscan cooking and give a lighter and fresher taste to classical Tuscan cuisine. She has a deep love for sweet-and-sour dishes, which also belong to the Tuscan tradition.

Elisa also spends a lot of time searching for organic and local food sources. The freshness of her selected products and the simplicity of her style are the secrets of her delicious dishes.

In addition to cooking for events around Chianti, Elisa has taught Tuscan cookery at the International Kitchen at the Villa Mannaioni near Florence.

She currently teaches Italian culture, cooking and sustainability at Apicius School of Hospitality in Florence and she still works around Tuscany in the main villas and castles.

Share the genuine cooking skills of a young Tuscan woman! Enjoy a Tuscan cooking lesson with Elisa!

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