Best Value European Vacation Destination – Tuscany

On my “Tuscany Toscana” blog I recently proposed Tuscany as a top budget-friendly location for your next holiday in Europe. I based my conclusion on the availability of high quality, inexpensive accommodation outside the bigger cities, static restaurant prices and the ready availability of inexpensive public transport. Looking at the cost of vacation accommodation over the past 15 years, taking into account changes in the exchange rate between the euro on the one hand and the dollar and pound on the other, I found that the entry into the market of large numbers of newly renovated rural villas and farmhouses plus village holiday homes, apartments and Bed & Breakfast lodgings  had resulted in an absolute decrease in the price of a place to stay in Tuscany.

Best Value European Vacation Destination - Tuscany

Many of the best things about Tuscany as a vacation destination are free.

Similarly, the price of eating out in Tuscany has fallen behind prices in other countries. In addition, the vast majority of the new Tuscan vacation accommodation is self-catering, meaning that you can save a lot of money by buying either raw materials or ready cooked food from your local supermarket or any of a huge range of small suppliers to prepare your own meals at home. Wine bought at a winery or bought sfuso (unbottled from a local ine merchant) also greatly helps with controlling the budget of your vacation.

Fresh fruit and vegetables in a Tuscan market

Fresh fruit and vegetables in a Tuscan market

Undoubtedly a car is usually the best way of getting around in Tuscany if you plan to visit the many out-of-the-way treasures to be seen here. However, a good train network and numerous local bus lines provide many opportunities for excursions, particularly to the famous Tuscan “art cities” of Florence, Sienna, Lucca and Pisa.

In summary, if you’re looking for a vacation destination that provides top value for money, Tuscany should be at the top of your list!

Click this link for my list of recommended Tuscan vacation accommodations.

Best Value European Vacation Destination!

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Anna Maria is a frequent contributor to web content on life in Tuscany. She researches all aspects of Tuscan life, with emphasis on history, art, architecture and the culture of the people of this beautiful region of Italy.

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