Mediaeval Dinner in Certaldo – “A cena da Messer Boccaccio”

Among the excellent mediaeval festivals held in Tuscany throughout the year, ‘A cena da Messer Boccaccio‘ (“Dinner with Boccaccio”) ranks high. This dinner takes place in the ancient part of Certaldo, known as Certaldo Alto, in June (Saturday 9 June and 16 June, in 2012). The menu includes some mediaeval dishes such as ‘Morsini di Pane con Duretti di Porco‘ (bread and pork), ‘Inzuppa di Cecio in Crostone di Martellino’ (chick-pea soup) and ‘Stinco di Ser Fabiotto da Cusona con fantasia Aromatica‘ (shin with mixed herbs), so you don’t get only the famous Certaldo onions. The dinner is served using earthenware dishes and wooden cutlery (which the diners are free to take home afterwards). The dinner is served by waiters and waitresses dressed in mediaeval costume and is accompanied by the appropriate music.

Mediaeval Dinner in Certaldo - "A cena da Messer Boccaccio"

Mediaeval Dinner in Certaldo – “A cena da Messer Boccaccio”

In September, Certaldo hosts a a mediaeval procession known as Nel Sogno di Messer Boccaccio‘ (“In Boccaccio’s Dreams”).  This is an historical spectacle that has been held in Certaldo for the last fifteen years. The event is inspired in large part by Boccaccio’s “The Decameron” which, as those who have read these stories will know, is packed with detailed descriptions of the customs and costumes of mediaeval Tuscany. The theatrical performances (acting, dance, music and combat) involve around 180 actors, dancers, acrobats and players.

The 2013 Certaldo Dinner and the Historical Parade commemorate the 700th anniversary of the birth of Giovanni Boccaccio.
Don’t miss them!

“Dinner with Boccaccio” – Mediaeval Dinner in Certaldo – June.
Price about 40 euros. Booking long in advance recommended.
Dinner in Certaldo Alto at 8 pm in the main street of the Borgo Antico.

Reservations from Associazione Elitropia – Via Boccaccio, 41 – 50052 Certaldo (FI) – Tel. 0571 663128 – E-mail:

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The life and works of Boccaccio.

Casa del Boccaccio in Certaldo.

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