Fractional Ownership of a Tuscan Apartment

Borgo di Vagli is a mediaeval hamlet beautifully restored by Architect Fulvio di Rosa. The houses have been divided into apartments which can be purchased under a fractional ownership scheme which means genuine ownership and fully flexible vacation periods. Each apartment is furnished in Tuscan rural style with modern facilities and comforts.

Borgo di Vagli Tuscan village near Cortona

Borgo di Vagli Tuscan village near Cortona

Borgo di Vagli is located deep in the countryside near Cortona, with spectacular panoramic views over the forested Tuscan hills and the Castello di Perle. Tranquillity in authentic Tuscan surroundings is the key to the success of Borgo di Vagli, while its location in the centre of the Italian peninsular provides easy accessibility by car to every corner of Tuscany and Umbria.

So if you have dreamed of owning a house in the Tuscan countryside but found cost and/or maintenance to be prohibitive, fractional ownership might be the route to follow. Fractional ownership clubs are rapidly becoming much more popular than the old time-share model mainly because fractionals can be bought, sold, transferred to trusts etc just like a normal piece of property, and the time constraints are much more flexible.

Click here to learn more about factional ownership at Borgo di Vagli.

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