The art of Tuscan cookery taught to you in its land of origin - Tuscany - by Elisa Berghi.

We will come to your accommodation and cook together with you.

We will prepare full meals using fresh, local and organic products.

We like travelling through the Chianti wine region and if you are going to explore Tuscan cuisine, feel free to enquire, we will be happy to meet your expectations.  If you don’t have a location with a kitchen or you would like to amke a one day trip in the Chianti area, we can offer many locations on traditional Tuscan farms where we can cook together and have a wine tasting.

Cooking classes are hands- on, last 2-3 hours, and are followed by lunch or dinner when you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Here is the list of Tuscan cooking classes that we offer. If you would like to learn something different, just ask and we will organise a special class for you:

  • HOMEMADE PASTA AND TUSCAN COOKING CLASS including a seasonal appetizer, 2 kinds of fresh pasta such as tagliatelle and ravioli with seasonal sauces and dessert.

  • “AN ITALIAN MEAL”COOKING CLASS including an appetizer, a first course, a main course, a salad, and a dessert from the Northern Italian tradition.

  • VEGETARIAN, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE COOKING CLASS discover the secrets for a tasty and healthy way of cooking.

  • MEDITERRANEAN COOKING CLASS focused on dry pasta, fish and vegetable dishes. Typical dishes based on the Southern Italian Mediterranean diet.

The courses are for a minimum of two persons and can be a single lesson. We also offer personalised cookery courses of more than one day. The courses may be taken in the villa where you are staying or in a kitchen located in Chianti.
A lesson is usually held in the afternoon and lasts for 2-3 hours plus the duration of the dinner.
Lessons are in English. A French or German interpreter can be arranged upon request but costs extra.
The price includes the materials, the practical lesson in the kitchen and serving the meal at the table. Local wine is included.
Those who dine but do not participate in the course pay only the cost of the dinner.

Please contact me with details of the number of people in your group, your location and the number of lessons you would like so that I can quote an individual price.


Children are very welcome to participate in out Tuscan cookery lessons.

Fresh Tuscan pasta
Elisa making fresh pasta

Preparing a Tuscan dessert
Preparing a Tuscan dessert

Fresh Tuscan totellini
Making tortellini

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